Assemble And Decorate Amazing Miniature Coffee House Kit

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Everyone has a dream! And Sammy also has a big dream - to build a coffee house! Of course, his human friend Sue will help Sammy to make his dream come true!

So, today we will build a mini coffee house. Remember we already built mini-houses? It will be just as awesome this time! First of all, we will build the walls and the entrance to the coffee house. Above the entrance there will be a cute red canopy and a signboard!

The next step is the floor covering. We will also add some rugs, they look so cute in our coffee house! Hang the menu on the wall. So beautiful! We arrange the cabinets and hang the shelves on the walls. There will be different kitchenware for making drinks. And next to it we'll put the bar for our customers with a comfy leg shelf. Everyone will be happy to try our delicious coffee!

Let's fill our coffee house with coziness by hanging photos and arranging flowers. By the way, our coffee house will have its own piano! Live music for visitors! And next to the piano we will put a table and chairs for customers. You can drink coffee and enjoy the music! We love flowers, so they are everywhere in our cafe. And in the evening, the coffee house will be illuminated by cute hanging lamps. How cozy it is here!

And now we are ready for the grand opening! We are waiting for the first guests! We hope you liked our bright and unusual craft!

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